Mobian Image Download

Mobian supports a growing range of devices, with installation procedures varying depending on the operating system they were originally meant to run. Please see the relevant device documentation at the Debian Wiki for instructions.
Please note that the PinePhone, PinePhone Pro and PineTab require Tow-Boot before they will boot.

DISCLAIMER: Weekly image builds are provided for testing and development purposes only. As such, those are a "best effort" service targeting Debian Testing and expected to break every once in a while, potentially for long periods of time.
Issues preventing weekly images from building and/or booting generally require fixes in Debian or transitions in Debian to complete, and as such cannot be "just fixed" by Mobian developers. We ask for our users' patience when such breakages occur. Any help with fixing the problematic package(s), including reporting in the appropriate bug trackers, collecting logs and testing fixes, is welcome.
Name Size Date
amd64 28-02-2024
librem5 06-08-2023
pinephone 28-02-2024
pinephonepro 28-02-2024
pinetab 28-02-2024
pinetab2 28-02-2024
qcom 28-02-2024
rockchip 28-02-2024
sdm845 28-02-2024
sm7225 28-02-2024
sunxi 28-02-2024